I’m Going to Write a Book

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve said “I’m going to …” followed immediately by any one of these:

Write a book
Get fit
Start a blog
Make the cat sleep outside
Go to Cuba / Costa Rica / Chile
Start travel writing
Clean out my shoe cupboard

… and a thousand other statements along the same lines. Here in Australia, that makes me a member of the gunna club. As in, I’m gunna do that, yeah, and I’m gunna do that too! Only I never do, I just say I’m gunna do it. And I say it a lot.  Write a book. Get fit. Clear out my shoes. Ha.

Some of those things I have made attempts at, some seem out of reach, some are just way too hard.  That cat can find her way into a locked and barred house in five minutes flat.  Cat burgler, indeed.

I once opened a cake shop.

(Can’t deal with a fluffy, fur-shedding, headless-mouse-gifting , safe-cracking feline, but let’s open a real, bricks and mortar, money-gulping shop…)  A dream, right? Bake and decorate cakes all day, serve cupcakes and muffins to customers, host kids’ parties in the garden area – it’s every cake-nerd’s dream.  And I loved it. Didn’t love the 82 hour weeks and Friday all-nighters, finishing up orders for the weekend.  Also wasn’t fond of the competitor who took to giving out free cupcakes to every business IN THE STREET and moaning about me on social media. And my family definitely didn’t appreciate me sleeping for half of Sunday, and missing watching them play sport or just be around on the weekend. And finally, the business side of things was just not my forte – so you can guess how that panned out.

Still, I don’t look at the closing of the cake shop little over a year later as a failure, as some people kindly chose to tell me. I had a crack at it, and if I did it again tomorrow, I’d have some pretty good experience to call on to make sure I got it right.  I’m still a cake nerd, so why not?

Because, in a dodgy paraphrase of the words of the dragon in that old BBC series, Merlin, it wasn’t my destiny.

If I have a destiny to do ANYTHING, it’s to write.

That’s what feels natural, comes easy, and often amuses people.  Triple threat, right there.  So why haven’t I ever followed that through?  Who knows!  Lack of confidence, fear, procrastination, lack of support / time / focus – or maybe I’m just bit of slacker.  The past couple of years have thrown up a few hurdles and challenges and that’s caused me to really think about life in a “what the hell?” kind of way. In that big, what-does-it-all-mean, what-is-happiness-anyway, why-does-this-cat-shed-so-much-fur way.

After a massive work year, strained personal relationships and whirlwind overseas trip with the family, I returned home and promptly enrolled in a six-day residential community leadership program.  Which is strange, since I’m not in a leadership role, and I’m not likely to pursue one.  I kind of impostered (*1) my way in, felt completely out of place for the first couple of days, had a personal crisis in the middle, and got through the final three day session unscathed, heading home with sparks in my brain and my belly.

There were a couple of big take-homes for me from this program.  First up, I wasn’t living my best life, my values barely got a look in. I was living for other people and even there things were a bit sketchy. Next, I was probably not, as suspected, a leader.  BUT I had learned that I could control, or at least influence, my own corner of the world in a positive way. And that was the motivation to make changes. I may have to hand in my Gunna Club badge.

I’m going to write a book.

This was one of those ideas I left the program with and I’ve made a start.  Read the Everyday Magic post to see what that’s all about.

Stick around if you enjoy reading about travel, writing and life issues. If you relate to or enjoy the content, or have a question, pop it in the comment box and I’ll get back to you. And I will, because I said I will! 😉

(*1)  Yes, I know it’s not a real word but I felt I could use it without too much criticism because you got the gist.  Didn’t you!




10 thoughts on “I’m Going to Write a Book”

  1. Debbie pashley

    Good on you Kath, glad you’re leaving the gunna club to peruse this, look forward to reading your words as always. Deb

    1. Thanks Deb. I finally realised that I’m the only thing stopping me from writing! Not so much an epiphany as a DOH! moment. So now to push through and keep it rolling!

  2. This is great Kath. Being authentic comes to naturally..never stop. Your stories keep me reading. Thx Fitzy

    1. Thanks Fitzy. I’ve always communicated better through the written word and this is long overdue. Have pitched a couple of travel stories to publications too so that’s another avenue. Wish me luck! ?

  3. Opening a physical business like your cake shop is a gutsy thing to do as you have so much on the line. Look at it as great experience and another tick off your list.

    1. That’s exactly how I look at it! I learned so many things from the experience that have already served me well in other areas of life. I think its great to push ourselves and find out what we’re actually capable of. 🙂

  4. That is so fab! Congrats to you for having the guts to put your dreams out there! I cannot wait to read your awesome book! What do you think you will write about? I am definitely a long-term member of the gunna club as well! So many dreams and positively none have worked out for me yet. I guess we need to just keep plodding along and see where life takes us and have some guts every now and then to give one of our dreams a shot! Wishing you all the good luck in the world!

    1. Thanks Jennifer – it DOES take guts to put yourself out there but sometimes you have to take a leap of faith! I’m collecting stories from people about moments of achievement in their lives and plan to collate them into an inspirational book. My way of putting some positivity out into the world!

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