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kathy cope

Blue water and rocks – the drone series

My daughter bought a drone this year, an expense I was a little horrified by, but when the resulting photos look like this, I got a little more interested.  She's planning to release a small series of prints and posters in a few months time,


Grey Cakes vs Black Dog

Depressed Cake Shop takes on mental health stigma, one grey cake at a time. The stats – the average, that is – for the number of people to suffer from a mental health problem is 1 in 4.  Worse, in some geographical and demographic areas, this


That Day I Didn’t Measure the Doorway

tape measure noun   a length of tape or thin flexible metal, marked at graded intervals for measuring Shop fitters are called shop fitters for a reason. The “fitter” part is actually pretty important. You know?  So that everything fits in?  I gather tape measures would feature strongly

big girl pants

Pulling up the Big Girl Pants

It's Saturday afternoon. I’m looking relaxed and enjoying myself, despite the underlying pressure I was hiding from my fellow race-goers. You see, I'm off to the country picnic races with a handful of girlfriends . A last minute decision to go, clothing crisis, picnic thrown hastily

nijo castle kyoto

Postcard from Nijo Castle, Kyoto

Literary dreams do come true! Visiting Nijo Castle in Kyoto was on my must-see list after reading Across the Nightingale Floor (and the rest of the Tales of the Otori series) and it didn't disappoint. Built in 1603 by the first shogun of the Edo period,

darwin deckchair cinema

Long weekend in Darwin

Lights are draped between palm trees, people are wandering past with giant cushions and we catch the smell of curry drifting in the air.  A possum scurries under a chair. The sun hasn't yet dropped but the sky is a pastel wash of blues, pinks and orange.

belongil beach, australia

Postcard from Belongil Beach

Hi  from Belongil Beach, I had a girl's weekend a while back, and found THIS view from our villa at Belongil Beach. Belongil is a long, white sandy tract well away from the crowds at Byron Bay, but only five minutes drive (or bit of a walk via the beach)


A Day at the Cricket

Clean-bowled by the spinning fates of adversity, this father and son team persevered through a series of ridiculous circumstances and were rewarded with a win by their team on a nearly-didn't-happen day at the cricket. Eventually. This is a true story, related to the narrator over several