Kathy Cope

Grey Cakes vs Black Dog

Depressed Cake Shop takes on mental health stigma, one grey cake at a time. The stats – the average, that is – for the number of people to suffer from a mental health problem is 1 in 4.  Worse, in some geographical and demographic areas, this drops to 1 in 3.

That Day I Didn’t Measure the Doorway

tape measure noun   a length of tape or thin flexible metal, marked at graded intervals for measuring Shop fitters are called shop fitters for a reason. The “fitter” part is actually pretty important. You know?  So that everything fits in?  I gather tape measures would feature strongly among their list of must-haves.

Long weekend in Darwin

Lights are draped between palm trees, people are wandering past with giant cushions and we catch the smell of curry drifting in the air.  A possum scurries under a chair. The sun hasn’t yet dropped but the sky is a pastel wash of blues, pinks and orange.  We’re at the movies in Darwin’s outdoor Deckchair Cinema.

A Day at the Cricket

Clean-bowled by the spinning fates of adversity, this father and son team persevered through a series of ridiculous circumstances and were rewarded with a win by their team on a nearly-didn’t-happen day at the cricket. Eventually.

Long Weekend in Sydney

A three-day weekend in Sydney with a friend, with a pact that it would NOT be a shopping weekend. No boutiques, no shoe shops, no arcades. No, my friends, this was a girls’ weekend in Sydney to relax, to live like a local.  You heard me – we were going to Sydney to chill.  Here’s how we managed.